Success Stories

Just wanted to say thank you , thank you, thank you!!!. I have been doing your program religiously, and I’ve only done the trigger point stuff 3 days, and I cannot believe the pain relief I am experiencing. I am no longer taping my feet; I wear the sweat bands around the house…..Yesterday at work, I felt like I was in heaven, I had practically no pain at all, all day. I had plenty of energy after work to walk my dog. That is definite progress. This morning, I didn’t have to do my weird gait pattern where I walk on my left forefoot only, I could walk with a regular heel toe gait pattern, with very little pain. You have improved the quality of my life enormously, and I cant thank you enough! ~ E.P.


“When I first saw Kay about my plantar fasciitis, I’d been using a wheelchair as well as wearing a “walking boot.” Still in pain after nine months, I’d felt I’d exhausted all the standard treatments from the podiatrist except for “shock wave therapy.” The podiatrist told me he truly believed it was the only option left, and that without it I would likely not be well. I read up on it, didn’t like what I read, and believed there had to be another way, and there was — Kay Warren. Kay was recommended by a shoe store that had many customers dealing with PF. I didn’t know how her type of therapy worked, but it certainly seemed better than shock wave therapy. At my first visit she explained what her therapy does and gave me a set of three easy foot exercises to do daily at home. During treatment she was very gentle with my feet; it did not hurt at all. Only five days after the first visit, my foot felt so much better I was able to walk without the boot. The pain and spasms in my feet decreased daily, until after four weeks I could walked without limping. After six weeks, my feet felt well enough to discontinue the weekly sessions. I continued to do the stretching exercises at home and my feet steadily improved. Kay was able to do in a short period of time what nine months and several thousand dollars worth of products and treatments from the podiatrist could not do — heal my plantar fasciitis. I find the improvement Kay was able to bring about in six weeks nothing short of remarkable. I’m still thanking my lucky stars I trusted her with my feet. I thought I’d have to live with pain in my feet the rest of my life, but thanks to Kay, they are normal!” P.F.