Kinesio Taping

Kinesio Tape is an elastic, breathable, hypoallergenic tape used to treat injuries, encourage healthy body mechanics, and decrease fluid retention. Kinesio Tape can stay applied to the skin (as long as there are no adverse reactions) for up to 5-7 days. Except for the performance version, the tape is all cotton, none of the tape has latex. Surgical adhesives are applied to the tape backing in a wave pattern to promote breathe-ability. Many people are familiar with the use of Kinesio Tape in athletic applications, but it is useful for a wide variety of conditions.

Post injury and surgical uses. Kinesio Tape helps to reduce swelling and bruising in the damaged tissues, and promotes lymphatic flow. It can also be used to promote joint stabilization for an inured area.

Neurologically, Kinesio Tape can be used to enhance DermoNeuroModulation techniques. Using Kinesio Tex Tape to trace along a nerve track to lift tissue and release excessive “drag” can bring relief to compressed nerves and a reduction in nerve pain.

For muscle weakness, we apply tape in such a way that it encourages the muscle to engage, helping to normalize muscle strength.

For muscle hyperactivity, Kinesio Tape can inhibit excessive contraction by subtle proprioceptive input to facilitate a lower level of resting tension.

In edema & swelling reduction, we use Kinesio Tape to lift the skin which creates more space in the underlying tissues, allowing interstitial and other fluids to move and process through the lymphatic system more effectively, which reduces swelling and pain.

For scar treatment – as an injury or surgical site heals, the body can lay down new tissue in a very haphazard, non-organized way in order to stiffen and stabilize a structure.  While that’s beneficial in the short term, in the long term it will restrict range of motion and cause pain. Excessive scar tissue can also pinch nerves and blood vessels, and prevent the free movement of fluid through the body. Scar release work can free up the underlying tissues, allowing tissue reorganization, normalization of blood and fluid flow, and a reduction in pain. Kinesio Tape helps with this by creating a low level proprioceptive input, allowing the brain to re-write the “auto-pilot” on how tight those tissues should be, and improve the fluid flow and function of those tissues.

Joint Stabilization – By applying tape to both facilitate and restrict specific muscles around the joint, we can improve joint to stability, while still allowing appropriate movement. In acute injury cases, joint immobilization is still the more appropriate choice.